Quinten van Solt

Quinten van Solt (1985) is a creative entrepreneur and photographer from Amsterdam. He has always had a special interest in architecture, nature and lines. As a kid he wanted to become an architect but when the time was right he studied marketing.

His passion for architecture, roman buildings and different perspectives is still there. Positive as he is, he's always looking up to frame details of buildings from a frog's perspective. Next to entrepreneurship his photography passion gives him positive energy. His work might reflect that to you.

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Quinten van Solt Frog Perspective Photography

Frog Perspective

Quinten's photography is a personal interpretation of mainly urban areas. He always shoots from the frog’s perspective to create a new image with details of existing buildings. By mainly using blue skies, the light, shadows and a surprising perspective, he creates abstraction from the world that everyone can see. No digital processing, other than adjustment of light and sometimes color. He lives therefore by the vision:

"A good photo gives you a different look at the same thing"